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How to make $500 a week from DoorDash

Explore the secrets of how to make $500 a week from DoorDash and boost your earnings. People’s options and methods of earning money have been removed as a result of the gig economy. Many persons would gladly pay a little charge to have groceries, meals, or retail products sent to their houses. This is the advertisement to go if you have some free time and want to do a little different.

It is now gentler than ever to live the ideal life in your freedom time. This is due to the increasing acceptance of meal delivery applications such as DoorDash. If you have more extra time (or if you drive more). Working one of the more flexible jobs might pay up to $500 per week.

How to make $500 aWeek With DoorDash?


I’ll display you how to make $500 a week with DoorDash. The vision of making $500 per week with DoorDash might scare customers. I’ve make that violation things down into minor bits makes them easier to manage. I’ll teach you how to make $500 per week using DoorDash in this post. Let us go over what you should do.

To begin, the mental behind receiving $500 a week with DoorDash is. You may make $500 every week with DoorDash. Divide the total into smaller sums. $500 a week looks to be a large sum in and of itself. When you consider how much you need to earn each day to meet $500 per week. You’ll learn that completing this goal is difficult. To make $500 each week on DoorDash, you must earn around $71 per day. When spoken this way, $500 each week appears to be a lot of money. The vast common of people should be able to get at least $20 per hour.

Tips to Earn $500 Per Week on DoorDash

You must be clever if you want to earn $500 per week with DoorDash wanting degenerative a lot of time each day. Here are some great ideas and methods for growing your DoorDash earnings and earning $500 each week.

Numerous applications

If you want to make $500 per week with DoorDash, the single most important thing you need to do is multi-app. So, what specifically is multi-app?

The general gist of multi-app is instead of delivering using one app. you can use all the food delivery apps in your market at the same time. In my market, I deliver using DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. When I want to make a delivery, I’ll launch all three apps and accept orders from all of them. My goal is to accept orders from many delivery apps that are heading in the same general direction. By doing this I can increase my profits.

The math shows you how important many applications are. I accept payments between $5 and $8 for most deliveries. When I’m running many applications during peak hours, I can usually complete 5 deliveries per hour. You can see how much I can earn per hour by looking at these numbers.


For example, if I make $5 deliveries per hour, I will earn $25 per hour. At $6 each delivery, my profits would rise to $30 per hour. I’d make $35 per hour if each delivery cost $7. I can make $40 per hour at $8 each delivery. Determine how many orders you can finish in one hour. What you believe you can average each delivery to determine how much you can make.

DoorDash is a numbers game, and if you only deliver with them, you’ll only receive 3-4 deliveries per hour. By including extra applications such as Uber Eats Grubhub into the mix. You may maximize your profits by making more deliveries. The nicest aspect is that orders from the same restaurant all go in the same way. When this occurs, you may be compensated for two or three deliveries at once instead of one.

Work During Peak Hours

Many people make the mistake of thinking of DoorDash as a regular hourly job. But it’s not like a regular job – you only make money when you deliver. So you want to work at the right time where you can maximize delivery.

DoorDash relies on peak times — lunch and dinner. If you want to get the most out of DoorDash, you need to work those hours. Otherwise, you waste your time and earn less.

If you want to make $500 per week using DoorDash, read on. Try to align your peak times with the lunch and dinner peaks to maximize your earnings. This may seem obvious, but I often see hotheads working outside peak hours. They should be doing anything else instead.

Stay in crowded areas

Again, this is pretty obvious, but worth noting. Stay in crowded areas when you are impulsive. Crowded areas of the city and areas where there are a lot of young people are the most crowded places.

Another thing to think about is where your requests will take you. You don’t want to accept requests that take you away from crowded areas. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself “dead-end” back in a busy area. You’re wasting time and money getting back to the city center. It’s best if you can accept deliveries that stay in busy areas or take you to another busy area.

Be strategic with the orders you accept

I think one mistake many new Dashers. Make is accepting requests without putting much thought into them. Some people approach rushes with a scarcity mentality. They believe that if they don’t accept orders, they won’t get more orders later.

The truth is that if you are in a busy area and working during peak hours. You will always have orders that you must accept. So, be strategic with the orders you accept.

When I receive a delivery order, I usually think about a few things.

Where is the system headed? I only want orders that aren’t too far away and keep me in a busy area of ​​town. If it’s going to get me out of my way, it’s not worth doing.

What is my experience with the restaurant? It takes a little practice, but, you’ll know which restaurants are good and which ones to skip. Some restaurants treat intruders with respect, keep the food ready, and don’t waste their time. Others are the opposite. Of course, you should stick to good restaurants and avoid bad ones.

How much is the order payment?

You must define your criteria as to whether an application pays enough to be accepted. Remember, time is money, if an order pays a lot, if it takes a long time to complete. It may be better to take a lower-paying order that you can complete faster. A good rule I use is the 50 percent rule. If I can make about 50 cents per minute for one order, that’s acceptable. So, if an order pays $5, I’ll accept it if I think I can complete the order in 10 minutes or less.

Ultimately, much of it will depend on experience and practice. Over time, you will improve your ability to understand which commands are acceptable. And which commands should be rejected?

Consider yourself a person of business

You are an independent contractor as a freelancer. It means you are your own little business. You are a business, you must act like one.

Treat every delivery like a business decision. Only accept orders that you think will be profitable. Accept the order if it pays too little, takes too long to be completed, or goes in a less-than-ideal way. You own a small business of your own – so act like one.

Is driving worth it for DoorDash?

You find driving for DoorDash a good fit for your time depends on a variety of factors. Your needs, financial goals, the time you have available for work, and your priorities. It also depends on whether you live in an area. A lot of restaurants offer DoorDash delivery. A large number of DoorDash clients, and a little minute of luck.

DoorDash drivers are likely to earn $25 per hour or more. Especially during busy times and in busy areas with a high volume of available orders. The best part? It does not need any unusual skills or knowledge. All you need is a car, a smartphone, a valid driver’s license, a clean heavy record, and car protection.

There are some problems, and DoorDash has its experts and cons. The freedom to be your boss means managing your schedule. Choosing the days, times, and number of hours you work. You are also free to accept only requests that suit you.


There’s no hesitation that DoorDash is one of the leaders in the home transfer cosmos. Over 2 million people use DoorDash for part-time or full-time pay. You want to join DoorDash with as many customers as possible. Need to improve your delivery plan to avoid low-paying jobs. It’s not awful to symbol out how to make $500 a week with DoorDash, if not more.



How long does it take to make $500 on DoorDash?

With a steady pay of $17.58 per hour, it would take 28.44 busy hours to earn $500 through DoorDash. It may take 3 to 4 days if you only work during lunch and dinner hours.

There are some Dashers who have completed $500 DoorDash challenges. These drivers start early at breakfast and work all day (12+ hours) and can earn $500 per day.

This demands placing orders for them and being aware of the best delivery areas. Open to moving to different places during the day, and being present at several chain sites.

How much can you earn in 3 hours with DoorDash?

You can earn $52.74 to $75 for a three-hour drive for DoorDash.

  • Average $17.58 per hour x 3 hours, which equates to $52.74.
  • At $25 per hour (more than drivers earn) x 3 hours, you would have $75.

What pays more: DoorDash or Uber Eats?


Uber Eats may pay a complex hourly rate than DoorDash, but, it has less transfer chances. DoorDash has a huge market share top 7,000 cities.

It can be a joking of a coin for hourly earning potential. The market you live in, more than the exact food delivery app, will control how much you can earn.

Some DoorDash orders take longer to complete. You’ll need to place the order at the restaurant and wait for the order to be ready. You can see which restaurants are available and decline those requests if you want.

DoorDash makes enough deliveries for most drivers to work full-time if they want to. For Uber Eats, drivers need to switch between food delivery and Uber ridesharing to earn full-time hours.








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