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My AI Snaps on Snapchat

My AI Snaps on Snapchat:

My AI Snaps on Snapchat enables users to transmit and receive AI-generated images in conversations, which opens up new advertising avenues.

My AI Snaps on Snapchat

Snapchat rolled out the new My AI Snaps feature to Snapchat+ subscribers first to solicit feedback and make adjustments before distributing it to all users. On March 6, Snapchat launched My AI for Snapchat+ users, and on April 19, it was made available to all users.

Continue reading to learn how to use My AI Snaps and the potential for advertisers targeting younger audiences that My AI conversations hold.


How Do Send Images To My AI And Receive Snapshots From My AI?


Snapchat+ users who have access to My AI can transmit a photo Snap to the chatbot in the same way they send Snaps to their friends.

Snapchat will notify you based on your notification settings when My AI responds to your Snap.

In response to your Snap, My AI will send a Snap based on its analysis.

Send Images To My AI And Receive Snapshots From My AI
My AI Snaps on Snapchat

These examples demonstrate that My AI Snaps has tremendous potential but still has some work to do in terms of image interpretation.

You can save or take a screenshot of Snaps My AI sends in the conversation.

My AI does not always respond with a Snap. Occasionally, it only provides a text-based response to your Snap.

At the time of testing, my AI was unable to comprehend Snaps sent from my Camera Roll. However, this will presumably change shortly.

Snapchat’s My AI Ads and Emerging Marketing Opportunities

In select conversations, in addition to sending and receiving Snaps, My AI displays advertisements. The relevance of advertisements to the discussion at hand can be hit or miss.

Ads within My AI conversations provide an opportunity for advertisers to reach a growing audience through generative AI, which includes:

  • Users between the ages of 13 and 17 number 125.6 million, or 19.9% of the total ad audience.
  • 18-to-24-year-old users account for 38.6% of the total ad audience, or 243.5 million people.
  • Users between the ages of 25 and 34 make up 23.2% of the total ad audience or 145.9 million individuals.

The advertising potential of Snaps from My AI is evident. In Snap conversations, my AI could recommend fashion, restaurants, recipes, and other pertinent products or services.

While advertisements do not appear in image Snaps, they do appear in My AI conversations following the exchange of Snaps.

Given that users can invite My AI into group chats, it is only a question of time before the majority of Snapchatters become accustomed to AI-driven conversations.

My A.I. Snapchat Web Interface
My A.I. Snapchat Web Interface

Although Snapchat is accessible through desktop web browsers, many of My AI features are only accessible via the iOS or Android app.

Instead of advertisements, Snapchat My AI serves the following message:

  • Not Available on the Web
  • Check your mobile device to see what was sent!


When My AI transmits a photograph, the following message is displayed:

  • Fresh Snap
  • Launch the mobile app to access

You can view the My AI profile through a desktop browser and add it to your contacts list.

The Future Of Snapchat My Artificial Intelligence Snaps & Ads

The consolidation of My AI Snaps could be a noteworthy developmentmelding social interaction with the development of AI capabilities.

Whereas there’s room for advancement in terms of picture elucidation and general security, the platform’s potential is giganticparticularly in terms of giving novel publicizing openings to reach more youthful gatherings of people.

As the innovation progresses, Snapchat My AI is anticipated to convert how clients connect with generative AI, advertising personalized social media involvement, and plenty of modern publicizing conceivable outcomes.




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