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Overcoming Four Major Obstacles

Overcoming Four Major Obstacles

Overcoming Four Major Obstacles are given here. International search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and multidisciplinary field. Brands often face significant challenges when utilizing the services of global SEO agencies. However, with the right strategies in place, these obstacles can be overcome, and brands can get the most out of their global SEO channels and agencies.

The Challenges of International SEO:

International SEO is unlike any other digital marketing channel. It lacks industry-wide standards and objective criteria, making it difficult for brands to navigate. The global nature of SEO often leads to poorly coordinated and chaotic workflows and outcomes. Brands must realize that SEO, in general, poses significant challenges and requires expertise to succeed.

Technical SEO Challenges:

Overcoming Four Major Obstacles

One major obstacle in international SEO is the varied requirements for technical SEO expertise across different countries and regions. Although Google dominates the search engine market globally, other search engines like Baidu, Yandex, and Naver have a strong presence in specific regions. Additionally, multinational corporations need to monitor regional sitemap and indexation statistics. Managing these technical aspects of SEO is demanding and requires specialized knowledge.

International Content Considerations:

The content aspect of international SEO is extremely demanding. Accurate translation, localization, and keyword research in the native language are essential, taking into account regional dialects and customs. Aligning content strategy with on-page signals and messaging that guide customers towards conversions is crucial. Neglecting this aspect can hinder the overall success of international SEO efforts.

Paid Search and Its Challenges:

When it comes to paid search advertising, bidding strategies and negative match selections must align with the specific criteria of each targeted region or country. Landing pages must be optimized to meet country- and region-specific behaviors and expectations. In-house teams often struggle to manage these complexities effectively. Unfortunately, many agencies also face challenges in this regard.

Large Agency Footprints vs Independent Agencies:

Large agency providers with extensive global footprints have historically been sought after for international SEO support. However, their size has often resulted in complex organizational structures and inconsistent global execution. Smaller, leaner independent agencies can offer advantages in terms of focus, adaptability, and integrated approaches. Independent agencies, despite their smaller size, can hone in on complex SEO work and deliver effective results, rather than simply selling their services.

Considerations for Internal Teams:

When selecting a global SEO agency, internal teams must consider several factors. They should assess if the agency has a track record of working with global clients and references in the targeted countries and regions. Connecting with agency stakeholders in key regions is essential. Understanding the recommended account team structure and the agency’s global governance processes is crucial. Communication channels and problem-solving processes should also be evaluated. It is important to establish good rapport with the account director and their team.

In conclusion, utilizing international SEO agencies presents unique challenges for brands. However, by addressing the major obstacles in technical SEO, content considerations, paid search, and agency selection, brands can optimize their global SEO efforts and achieve the desired results. It is crucial for brands to select agencies that can provide tailored solutions, expertise, and deliver consistent performance across multiple markets. With the right strategy and execution, brands can successfully navigate the complexities of international SEO and outrank their competitors.



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