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How To Get More Instagram Followers

How To Get More Instagram Followers?

10 Tips To Try

How To Get More Instagram Followers? Instagram is the foundation of the social presence of so many brands. It has been proven that the platform increases traffic, supports sales, and engages consumers.
Read below for our best tips on getting more Instagram followers the correct way.

1. Optimize your Instagram account

Consider the structure of your Instagram account before you stress about how to acquire followers. Ask yourself: Does your online profile “look the part?” Initially, evaluate your: Your Instagram summary, which may include a slogan, tagline, or branded hashtag.

Your profile picture

Your bio link (and its destination)

These elements define your Instagram brand identity. More importantly, they affect the discoverability of your account. Creating a follower-friendly account involves:

  • Having a username that is searchable: Stick to either your brand name or the term that most closely resembles your current social identities. If your name is too long, consider shortening it to a version that your audience will recognize (e.g., Cold Stone Creamery’s Twitter handle is @coldstone).
  • Creating a professional profile photo: A logo with an adequate size is optimal. The text in your profile photograph must be readable on a smartphone display.
  • Minding where you point your bio link: This is essential for converting Instagram followers into relevant traffic or consumers. It’s your only method to funnel social traffic to your site and promotions.

Linking to your homepage is acceptable but not always recommended. For more meaningful interactions, a social landing page with multiple links can be beneficial.

This provides your audience complete control over their next interaction with your company. This improves the experience for your followers.

2. Maintain a regular content calendar

Momentum is essential on Instagram. In other words, posting randomly on Instagram is unlikely to attract followers. Creating content and providing value are the means by which an audience is built. Consistency is what helps you maintain them. Do not allow your Instagram account to acquire dust.

Therefore, maintaining a consistent publication schedule is essential. In terms of posting frequency and volume, you are not required to adhere to a fixed number. The majority of brands post daily or nearly daily. This reflects our own research into the optimal posting frequency.

Below is a breakdown of the optimal posting periods for Instagram. During the week, “optimal” engagement occurs between mid- to late-morning and early afternoon.

We understand if you’re concerned that your posts are not being seen enough. Consider how features such as Stories can attract additional viewers to your content if it was not initially viewed.

3. Schedule your Instagram posts in advance

There’s no denying that brands’ Instagram reach is at the mercy of Instagram’s algorithm. Still, posting at optimal periods can increase the visibility of your content. Anything you can do to increase participation is a benefit. This demonstrates the importance of scheduling Instagram posts. Brands can schedule Stories, Carousels, Reels, and Posts using the most recent Sprout tools.

Planning content in advance ensures organization and control. In the end, Instagram scheduling tools help you achieve the cadence we mentioned earlier. Additionally, the ability to cross-post content from other networks is advantageous.

Additionally, you can use Sprout’s ViralPost feature to pinpoint your timing. Our platform analyzes your engagement history to determine the optimal posting times. Sprout Social will help you to optimize your Instagram content strategy.

In addition to scheduling a comprehensive Instagram content calendar, Sprout provides additional tools for optimizing your brand’s feed. Share IG-approved visuals with your team via our Asset Library, or utilize our grid preview feature to ensure that every aspect of your presence is consistent with your brand’s aesthetic. Get a hands-on look at these and other features with a free 30-day trial of Sprout.

4. Engage with consumers, brand promoters, and influencers.

To figure out how to gain more Instagram followers, you must engage with your audience. And one of the most effective means of doing so is by responding to and republishing their posts. The potency of user-generated content has arrived. UGC campaigns generate social proof by demonstrating to followers that you care about them. For instance, Drunk Elephant frequently reposts the content of their subscribers. They collect content using the hashtags #BareWithUs and #DrunkBreak.

Partnering with influencers with an established following is another method to grow your own audience. Content creators can place your brand in front of your target audience and generate ongoing product awareness.

5. Avoid fake Instagram followers

There is a significant distinction between fake and genuine Instagram followers. We understand it as well. For the sake of rapid expansion, it may be enticing to purchase followers. However, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits one hundred percent. Why? Since fraudulent Instagram followers…

Confound your organic potential followers. A large following for an inactive account with minimal engagement is suspicious. This can discourage admirers who would otherwise follow and interact with you. Offer no monetary value to your company. Consider the matter carefully. Your automated followers cannot purchase your products, right?

How many people are going to interact with your posts if you have 10,000 phony followers? Does it matter if your blog posts are filled with spam comments? Your Instagram posts can be shared, liked, commented on, and engaged with by real people. In addition, genuine followers appreciate the time you invest in interacting with them. Rather than resorting to buying Instagram likes or other ineffectual strategies, demonstrating this level of authenticity is far more potent and long-lasting.

For instance, Lush Cosmetics frequently takes the time to respond to queries and interact with its followers. This results in consumers returning frequently to share compliments and praise.

6. Display your Instagram everywhere  you can.

If you want more Instagram followers, don’t be bashful about promoting your page. There is no universal method for promoting your Instagram account. Here are some suggestions: Include social media icons on your site and in your marketing communications. Social media icons facilitate the discovery of your business and facilitate communication with consumers.

Include an Instagram feed on your website’s homepage and product sections. Many ecommerce businesses feature UGC feeds on their websites . Reshare Instagram-exclusive content and announcements on other social networks. For instance, you could discuss a forthcoming IG Live on TikTok or Facebook.

7. Publish content that your audience genuinely wants to see

We recognize that this is easier to say than to do. Filtering mechanisms. There are captions. Content forms. Time stamps. That barely scratches the surface.

There are numerous factors to contemplate, correct? The fickleness of Instagram’s algorithm does not help. In terms of format and timing, what works for one brand might not work for another.

Some brands, for instance, abide by Carousels. Others are committed to Reels. Both approaches are viable. On Instagram, you’ll soon discover that some content performs better than others. This is why testing is crucial. Instagram’s native analytics capabilities are remarkably robust. Consequently, investing in Instagram analytics tools will advance the situation.

Sprout, for instance, makes it simple to compare and analyze Instagram content across accounts. Instead of guessing what’s working and what’s not, our reporting makes it clear.

Gain confidence in your content strategy by analyzing the aforementioned variables. And if you do not know where to begin, consider analyzing your competitors. Ninety percent of firms claim that social media data enables them to keep up with rival social accounts.

You undoubtedly shouldn’t copycat your competitors. Consequently, you can record what they are doing or posting that generates engagement. The Instagram Competitors report from Sprout can provide an analysis of what is successful in your industry. A small amount of competitive analysis can go a long way. Oh, and be aware of the most recent Instagram trends. Thus, you will not overlook platform-wide opportunities to leverage trending content formats.

For example, reels are currently exploding. According to our data, 66% of consumers desire more short-form videos from brands. Regarding fashion, Reels should be on your radar.

8. Engage your audience in a meaningful discussion

As a marketing channel, Instagram is utilized by some marketers. The platform is ideal for communicating with followers. Similarly, many popular blog post topics revolve around asking inquiries and engaging in conversation for a reason.

Followers are permitted to submit impromptu inquiries, shipping concerns, and product commendation. Check out Cometeer’s Instagram posts to see how they respond to the aforementioned topics:

Being supportive and quick to respond demonstrates concern for others. You’d be astonished at how quickly your Instagram following grows when you become more personable. Our research indicates that 89% of consumers will purchase from a brand they follow on social media. Every interaction is important.

Again, attempt to respond to the maximum number of questions and/or comments possible. This could determine whether someone becomes a long-term follower or customer.

9. Find hashtags where your followers congregate.

Hashtags have existed on Instagram since the platform’s inception. However, they cannot support as much weight as they once could. Not including hashtags in your posts will not attract new followers. Especially considering how loud the platform is.

Focus on hashtags that are industry-specific and pertinent to your customers. Lashify, for instance, frequently publishes content to the #LashEducation hashtag. Tags are less competitive and general than #beauty. For firms in the appropriate niche, increasing their visibility within these types of tags is important.

How To Get More Instagram Followers

Understanding the performance of your Instagram hashtags is crucial. With the hashtag analytics tools provided by Sprout Social, you have direct access to in-depth performance and usage data. A few touches are required to determine which hashtags to use.

10. Take steps to delight your Instagram followers.

When you make your Instagram followers pleased, your audience will increase. In addition to followers, the top Instagram accounts have fans and communities.

These guidelines are the foundation of a follower-friendly account. Implement them in a manner consistent with your brand’s voice and values. Avoid appearing desperate, sales-driven, or robotic at all costs.

Creating an authentic community is an essential aspect of how to get free Instagram followers. In many cases, this involves establishing consumer relationships. Content that emphasizes your individuality and the people behind your brand is advantageous. This consists of:

  • Inspirational material
  • humorous material
  • Republishing UGC with distinct captions
  • Storytelling articles
  • Behind-the-scenes photos and videos
  • Awareness-raising posts about social causes


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