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12 Essential Tools for Successful Link Building

12 Essential Tools for Successful Link Building

12 Essential Tools for Successful Link Building

Prepare your link-building actions for victory link tools. With these essential link-building tools for study, outreach, and writing.

SEO tools and link-building plans have changed over the years. While older automatic link-building tools placed content in a Content Engine. Or GSA search engine places, current tools have moved. To physical research and outreach stages.

These can divided into four categories:

  • Link research.
  • Prospecting and outreach.
  • Reporting.
  • AI-powered tools.

link tools

New AI-based technologies can simplify the link-building process.

Link Research Tools

Link research is very important to know what type of websites you should link to Link tools. These include quality standards, website categories, authority measurements, and more.

Majestic and Ahraf are two research tools. That offers large databases and reliable reports. I included both sites. Because I find that each has data that the other does not.

You may find some links in Majestic from your competitors’ websites. That is not listed in Ahraf, and vice versa.

These tools can be used together to create a complete list of websites to examine. As with many SEO tools, pricing is contingent on how many structures your team needs.


Price: $99 per month with a single user for the “Lite” plan. The monthly cost of the “Standard” plan is $199.

Payment options: Get a discount for a monthly or annual payment.

link tools

Unlike Majestic, Ahraf offers reports that can run very well inside the tool. It’s absolutely more expensive, but if you want more data, Oraf is the way to go.

Here are some references for using it. And what reports should affect your link-building.

  1. Topics: This data can be used to classify the types of websites you should make links from. Consider creating this report on the link profiles of top-ranked websites. Next, search for websites that go to related groups.
  2. Referring Domains: Use this option to evaluate the number of unique domains. You should create it for your website. It also provides insight into the trust/recommendation flow delivery.


Price: $99 per month with a single user for the “Lite” plan. The monthly cost of the “Standard” plan is $199.

Payment options: Get a discount for a monthly or annual subscription.

link tools
link tools

Unlike Majestic, Ahraf offers reports that can run very well within the tool. It’s definitely more expensive, but if you want more data, Oraf is the way to go.

Use these reports in Ahrefs instead of Majestic:

v Pages > Best by links: Two useful applications of this report are:

o Identify the most interesting competitive content to influence your content strategies.

o Identify the types of websites that link to the content you create.

v Best by Pages > Link Growth: This is a “trends report” that provides content that has built links over the last 30 days. Find link-building content. And create strong content here.

Prospecting And Outreach Tools

Finding the most relevant websites that can link. To your content is the most boring part of link building.

You can create a large list of websites and do bulk targeting to save time. But, if you test the success of your link-building. And the quality of those links based on links earned per hour. You should do the research. It is better to tend to it.

I’ll review five tools: Pitch Box, Buzz Sumo,, Bright Local, and HARO.

These tools can be used for the most common link-building strategies.

Pitch box

  • Pricing: Averages $500+ per month.
  • Payment options: Prices are dependent on an individual walkthrough with a Pitch box.

Pitch box is one of the most classy tools on the market compared to email tools like Mail Chimp. But built-in sharp helps reduce the time it takes to qualify websites.

Mixing lead site lists and SEO metrics. The chance report makes the tool stand out.

Buzz Sumo

  • Price: $99 per month for the “Pro” plan. $179 per month for the “Plus” plan. There is a small free form with incomplete searches per month.
  • Paid options: There is also a free version with limited features.

It’s a countless tool for item blogs, influencers, and authors. Among all the likely tools on the list, Buzz Sumo deals with the best filtering options.

You can use the tool for many drives, but for link building, here are two effective use cases:

  • Classifying Authors: The Content Search & Influencers unit provides lists of authors/influencers. Who can search keywords in the content they share or crop? A great way to gain from this is to search. The Most Shares bang and find influencers. Who have received more than 2,000 shares of their happy, then contact them to share your content. This allows many natural connections to emerge.
  • Identify sharers/backlinks: The second use goes extra than the first. And find people who shared the content. Create a list of content-related shares or back-linking sites. Then create similar but better content.

  • Pricing: Starts free. The first two advanced plans cost $49 per month and $99 per month.
  • Payment options: Free for 25 searches per month, $399 per month for 30,000 searches.

This browser extension analyzes email addresses to find easy ways to contact you.

This helps reduce the time it takes to browse pages. You can go further and use public relations tools.

Bright Local

  • Price: $29 to $79 per month depending on plan size.
  • Payment Options: You can also pay for Reference Creator, Review, or Enterprise.

Referral building is important for local SEO and should treated as a link building plan. One of the best tools for submitting and managing referrals is Bright Local.

It consists of two components: context monitoring and context generation. You can also use this tool to find out how your rankings are based on local competition.


  • Pricing: Starts free. The first paid plan costs $19 per month and offers statements and search features.
  • Paid options: Free options offer three times daily email radio options. And premium devices up to $149/month.

Although this tool is used in the world of journalism, it can also be useful for building links. It joins you to trusted sources and allows you to build natural backlinks.

Agency Analytics

  • Price: $12 per month per campaign. $18 per month per movement for custom writing features.
  • Payment options: Pay to save money.

Populates agency analytics dashboards with data from Moz and Majestic. And links that data to key act indicators like rankings and organic traffic.

Qualified traffic that changes into tips or sales is the goal of link building. And SEO efforts, so establishing the connection between them is essential for writing.


  • Price: $19 per month for one user, higher tiers for many users.
  • Payment option: Unlimited users for $89/month.

The tool can be created as a hybrid between Google Sheets. And agency analytics, i.e. it is customizable. But can add data from many sources to create a meaningful report.

Link Whisper

  • Price: $77 per month for one site, with more plans for extra sites.
  • Payment choices range from one site license to fifty.

Link Whisper is suitable for internal link building. AI technologies provide automatic link suggestions as content evolves. It can also help you identify older content that needs more links.

The tools also automate keyword-based links and provide internal linking reports. It is quite comprehensive and can help speed up internal link-building.


  • Price: $84 per month for an account with five users. $30 accounts with unlimited users are available for $250 a month.
  • Payment Options: Save by paying.

Postage does everything from finding opportunities to launching awareness.

The AI works with the Outreach Assistant. This gathers pertinent data from influencers for email inclusion. To uncover campaign ideas that are related to your domain, you can also enter it into the tool.


  • Price: A free version. $197 or $497, depending on package.
  • Payment method: one-time payment.

CTRify is a perfect WordPress plugin for content creation.

All you need is a keyword and the AI will generate the content you need for a specific campaign. You can then publish articles – nothing could be simpler.



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