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Top 10 Websites for Finding Perfect GIFs & Memes

Top 10 Websites for Finding Perfect GIFs & Memes

Search Google, or type a URL meme gif to help you express your feelings when communicating with friends. So why not also use them to communicate with your blog audience? Learn where to look for the top GIFs on the internet. It’s challenging to explain your true feelings to others when you’re speaking online.

You cannot roll your eyes, shrug your shoulders, smile, or glower at them. You can’t make her laugh with your funny expressions. But you can use GIF. An appropriate GIF may convey a thousand words. Someone could giggle, nod in agreement, or perhaps burst out laughing at this.

So if GIFs help you express your emotions when communicating with friends. Why not use them when communicating with your audience as well?

Where to Get GIFs & Memes That Are Trendy, Relevant, and Exciting

Of course, there are tons of GIF websites. However, not all of them are, and not all of them provide pertinent, excellent GIFs. These are the top websites to locate GIFs, memes, and quick films that will liven up your writing.


search google or type a url meme

In 2013, Alex Chung and Jess Cook had the brilliant idea of creating a “Google for GIFs.” The concept was a GIF search engine that they could share with their friends. But GIPHY is no longer a small network of friends. It received 1 million visits the weekend it was created. Today, 500 million daily users share over 7 billion GIFs every day!

For beginners, GIPHY is the best option. Adding GIF links to your blog or posting them on social media is simple. Moreover, GIPHY informs you about the newest trends. For instance, you may create a personalized GIF based on a popular live event without waiting for it to conclude. Search Google, or type a URL meme.


search google or type a url meme

GIFs on Reddit can be found in specific subreddits. For example, there are subedits for dance: GIFs, response GIFs, mechanical GIFs, and analogy GIFs.

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Reddit takes the joy of GIFs to a whole new level. You can comment or support GIFs you relate to. You can upload your creative GIFs and increase engagement with other users. Search Google, or type a URL meme.

Here are three subreddits you’ll love:

Note: Be sure to read the rules before joining the subreddit. The rules help keep memes and GIFs unique and relevant on the subreddit.

Know Your MemeWant

search google or type a url meme

To tell a fantastic joke that fits with your brand to make your audience laugh. Or would you rather use original emojis to spice up your blog? It’s worth visiting the website Know Your Meme.

It’s also great to know your memes because you know the history of your favorite memes. You can find out who created a particular meme. How many times it was shared or supported, as well as interesting facts that no one else knows?


search google or type a url meme

If you want to find very specific information, Imgur is worth a look. It features a specific tool to assist you in narrowing down your search.

it looks like this:

Imgur is called “the magic of the Internet”! It’s filled with everything from Mardi Gras. And satisfying GIFs of cute animals and Dungeons and Dragons.


search google or type a url meme

You may laugh out loud or just chuckle at the vast array of GIFs on GIFBin. Anyone with an interest in antique and retro trends will find the color palette and concept of the website appealing.

You may search GIFs and memes in GIFBin by broad categories or narrow ones. For general categories, think of cute animals and big kids. Think in particular of Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Father Fear”.


search google or type a url meme

If you are not cautious, Tumblr will occupy your time for hours on end. Search Google, or type a URL meme.

These three features are what you’ll like about it:

  • You may follow the personal blogs of individuals you respect to be informed about the newest memes and GIFs.
  • Here you will discover inspiring quotations, videos, news, and discussions. • You may search for popular themes like movies, sports, and events.

Additionally, you may establish your own Tumblr blog to promote your business.


search google or type a url meme

Are you tired of using GIFs made by other people?

Or you can’t find the right GIF to express your point of view or feelings. If so, you’ll love creating your own GIF on IMGflip. It’s also rather easy. It’s as simple as uploading a photo, typing your text, and done! You may also use one of the photos from IMGflip and edit it by adding your own text.


search google or type a url meme

If you like using GIFs on social media, Tenor is a name you’ll recognize. There is no doubt that you will love GIF Keyboard Tenor designed for social purposes. Tenor is also great if you’re looking for a very specific GIF to add to your blog. On Tenor, you can refine your search using the search button. Search Google, or type a URL meme.

For instance, type “cat” in the search field. You’ll get a bunch of results, plus search suggestions like “cute cat,” “cat love,” and “sad cat.” Click on “cute cat” and you’ll get “cute cat couple” and “cute cat sleep.”

The choices go on until you’ve found the perfect GIF.


Gfycat offers GIFs on the spectrum between GIFs, memes, and short videos. There are many categories, from celebrities to video games. Search Google, or type a URL meme.

Free GIF Maker

search google or type a url meme

With Free GIF Maker, you can turn almost anything into a GIF.

For example, you can convert your favorite YouTube video to GIF. You are able to apply your own effects and upload your own photographs. You can also try the Reverse GIF feature which lets you play your favorite GIF in reverse!

How to Use Accurate GIFs to Add Charm to Your Blog

What do you do when words aren’t enough to express what you want to say?

Of course, you use GIFs! A funny, witty, and clever GIF can make the difference between stiff. Search Google, or type a URL meme. And boring and interesting and lively. GIFs can reduce the tedium of long. paragraphs of text, make your readers laugh, and turn your blog into a lively, relevant article. Search Google or type a URL meme.

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