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20 Websites Where Your Content Belongs

20 Sites Where Your Content Belongs 

Free websites where I can post URL links are not enough to write and publish blog posts or articles on your website. Here are 20 other places you can and should share your content. It is important to write. Publishing blog posts or articles on your website to make experienced traffic.

Posting informative content on a website blog, resource Content is everywhere today. It’s very competitive. Did you know that over 70 million blog posts are published every month? Also to normal media like Medium. And respond to your content on the industry.

Specific platforms can also help it see more people. Consider sharing your content on other platforms like a megaphone. The more homes you promote it. The wider the message will spread.

Are you ready to improve your content and increase traffic and changes on your website? Twenty Sites Where Your Content Belongs

Free websites where I can post URL links

Medium free websites where I can post URL links

Regular lets you republish your current blog posts. (if you use the weight article, they’ll level comprise a rel=canonical link). but you can also join the platform on your website. Can It also used to increase traffic to blog posts? This is the plan Drum Up uses. Free websites where i can post URL links

They publish wastes of full blog posts on Medium, then send users to the full article on their website. If you don’t want to publish the total text of your blog post, this can be a tip if you get a good next on Medium. You can add change by sometimes adding exclusives. Medium articles as your audience develops.


Reddit is a perfect stage for inputting content. But it’s also good. Twenty Sites Where Your Content Belongs. Reddit users are aware of brands trying to post too much on subreddits. So it’s usually best to have a few personnel with active Reddit accounts who post sometimes once a month. Business blog posts can be public double. Free websites where I can post URL links

These elements must selected and offer users real added value. It is also likely for Reddit users to see the activity of other users. Thus, make sure that employees only use their Reddit accounts to post company blog posts. Then they will discover very. And your company could fall into the scandal, which is not ever a good thing in such an active forum.


LinkedIn Articles

Like Medium, LinkedIn lets you group. Blog posts to your private LinkedIn are shaped as LinkedIn Objects. Although these articles now do not contain rel=canonical links. Research shows that Google does not standardize them as spare content. (even if they appear on duplicate content detection sites like Copyscape). Through their remaining networks on LinkedIn. many users have constructed a strong subscriber base for their articles on the stage.

Users can promise to user posts, which means they will receive a notice when a user posts rather new. Compared to other platforms, this integrated notification system is unquestionably superior. Especially since your blog readers will only receive such notifications. If they subscribe to email notifications by checking. the box to receive notifications on the platform. This is a bigger commitment than doing something on LinkedIn.


Helping your content through email. Plan that motionless has excessive value. Not only are email subscribers very constant to your kind. But they are also 3.9 times more likely to share. Your relaxation on public media than subscribers from other fonts.

Email ticks also top the CTR of social media posts Promotion. Display found that you’re six times more likely to get a tick on an email than a tweet. How you share your happiness on social media is subject to what works best for your list and your users. It’s worth testing to see what gets the most clicks.

Some businesses or writers wish to send a new email every time a new item. Is published (which is usually automatic in some way using an RSS feed. And deals like Zapier or IFTTT), while others send a new email every time a new article is available. Free websites where I can post URL links

Is published (which is usually automatic in some way using an RSS feed. And a service like Zapier or IFTTT), while others send a fresh email each time a new message is published. The post is available (which is usually automatic in some way using an RSS feed).

Food and check). like Zapier or IFTTT), while others send a new email every time a new article is published. Let’s wait. To send a news sheet with information and the latest published articles. The platforms mentioned above are the most effective for generating traffic. But, depending on the topic and format of your content. there are many other platforms you should consider.

Biz Sugar

This online public is for business owners. Dealers are attracted to deliberating topics related to growth and growth hacking. Biz Sugar offers its users online programs and free groups. And means such as goal-setting templates.

This is a little different setup. However, users can upvote or downvote content through WordPress.


Dzone dialog media have over a million brain inputs. Content and links about coding, fog computing, and more etc.


Twitter Brand Accounts

If your article is to your make, consider addition. It is to your share list for your named Twitter accounts. You can also schedule articles to be available many times over some months.

Twitter Personal Accounts

Twitter changes fast, so it makes sense to part your article with a nice price in a few spaces on Twitter. It is in your attention to spread out the shares a little so as not to overcome your audience.

 Twitter Chats are free websites where I can post URL links

For a more directed audience, find industry-relevant. Twitter threads and use their hashtags when sharing super high quality. Use it: don’t spam chat hashtags with every piece of your writing. But it’s not singular for popular marketing hashtags like SEO chat and Twitter.  smarter to be active even when regular Twitter chats aren’t happening.



Personal Page on Facebook

This seems obvious, but it’s a place that many people forget. If you’re anxious about bombarding friends or family with spam. If you are not employed in the sector, research creating a Facebook slope for those who are. You can avoid caring about pals in this way. Gertrude is becoming disorganized because of your detailed PPC instruction.

Brand Facebook Page

A different piece of evidence but not to be missed. Take a good quote from your content, and make sure your image displays. And send it assuming it’s relevant to your audience. Free websites where I can post URL links.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are silent alive and well! Since many users already use Facebook, they are generally more active in groups. Join a few industry groups, share your best content once a month, and back to the group as much as possible. Stay lively in the chat or as a group associate by replying to questions, and reading others’ content.

Slide Share

Making good relaxed takes time. One way to get the most out of your relaxation is to convert the acmes into an exhibition for Slide Share. Moving the format in which you present your content can help you realize greater reach. Free websites where I can post URL links


Quora has been around forever and is the chief problem and reply site on the Internet. Users ask a question and other users answer that question. But when you consider that a company or agent can research the types of questions customers ask.

And create a detailed blog post to answer them, it becomes a great opportunity. Knowing the problems your audience faces will help you. Come up with the best content ideas that will increase traffic to your website.

Growth Hackers

Most businesses want to move onward, do more, and stun new problems. Growth Hackers is an online community of user-generated content. That provides facts on all topics that can help you increase your business size.

And revenue, customer base, lead generation, and more. Each article is detailed and informative for many different industries. Make your voice heard by stressing the many ways you want to grow your business. It’s worth it. Free websites where I can post URL links

Flip board

Flipboard is a great app that condenses the internet into small, digestible chunks. They share content from every major publication you can think of and target it to people who are looking for it. Creating an account and publishing.

Your own content is an unlimited way to drive traffic to your blog. It’s also a great way to keep up with industry news or even your own social means food. What sets it apart is its simple line.  Backed by some serious algorithmic effects.

Scoop. It

Scoop claims that there is organic traffic of over two million monthly users. It has converted into a potent platform for marketers. By providing content curtain software they help sellers find true. content in their industry that can then be shared on shared media.

You can post your content with the optimism that others will see it and share it with their groups. Everyone wants to share their content with the world and this tool brands it easily. This is a great way to come up with new topic ideas built on current trends.


Listly is another great content-making tool on the market. A web app and an approved iOS app make cataloging content easy. Once you’ve twisted your lists, you’re ready to print them for your interview. As an added profit, it also allows your interviewee to vote on items on your list. And giving you greater insight into your audience’s current values.


The site is a leader in giving professional content.  A community of thought selected, marketers, writers, and more. Who come together under one roof to share their ideas and news. This is a great place for any new author to engage in public content. It is also a great place to get in-depth expert opinions on very specific business topics.


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