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Best Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour

If you’re looking to move up the job ladder or find a lucrative career, you don’t want to start at a small salary. Small-salary jobs do not pay well. Typically, they don’t provide many choices. Looking for good jobs that pay $30 an hour right away is a great way to secure your future career options.

Work search sites are a good way to start finding jobs. If you like to make more money, it makes sense to look for jobs that pay $30 an hour. In this post, I’ll study some jobs that pay $30 an hour. They can be either hourly or in your annual pay. I’ll cover a broad range of fields.

The best part is that not all of these jobs require a degree. So, everyone can access this type of payment. Let’s take a closer look at these lucrative jobs.

50 Best Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour

The average income for each of these jobs that pay $30 an hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some jobs pay more in some areas, while others may pay less depending on your location. But you can make around $30 per hour in the United States.

Of course, market fluctuations can change what 30-an-hour jobs pay. You might only get that rate right away if you start your own business. However, the majority of these positions provide solid financial and employment security.

These are a few positions that pay $30 per hour

By no means are they the only jobs that demand that rate. But they are some of the most common and consistent. Some of these jobs are in-person only, but there is also a mix of online jobs here.

Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour With No Degree

An education isn’t always a need for high-paid work and jobs. Here are some of the jobs that pay $30 an hour or are more useful. But it doesn’t need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Police Officers And Detectives

Police officers are another job that earns high hourly pay but doesn’t need a grade. Having a degree can help and may make it easier to get hired as a police officer. But anyone with the right attitude and skills can get hired.

You’ll need to deal with offenders and poll watchers and do a broad range of other duties on the job.

Freelance Seller

Being a freelance seller is a job that requires charm and loyalty. It’s a good method to earn money without a degree. Plus, there are a lot of different sales options, so you can find an effect you like.

Web Designer


As long as you have suitable knowledge, you don’t need to have a degree to get a job as a web designer. Designer jobs are usually paid. You’ll need to work with different clients to succeed.

Web development is also a growing field. You’ll have a lot of job safety as a web developer or a web designer.

Freelance Writer/Editor

Freelance writers can also control special hourly pay. But the range of hourly pay is wide in this work. Some freelance writers make meager wages. Others can earn hundreds of dollars an hour.

Freelance writing is a good choice if you have the skills and dedication to keep working. You can also grow your hourly pay.

Digital Marketer


Digital marketers make online marketing materials for callers. Like freelance writers, they control a broad range of hourly pay.

If you’re looking for jobs that pay well for your work, digital marketing is a good choice. With the right skills, you can grow as a digital marketer without a college certificate.

Makeup Artist


Makeup artists can be self-taught. But the most thriving ones cost great hourly pay. They can make hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single job. This is a great chance if you have an eye for makeup and the loyalty to turn it into a full-time job.

Building Managers


Building managers oversee all parts of a building site. This has workers and stores. They ensure that the job meets safety needs.

A building manager’s hourly pay alters by experience and place. Building control is almost always a well-paying job.

Film And Video Editors

If you have an eye for editing and the required software, you can earn special hourly pay. You can do this even without a college degree.

This is one of the rare online jobs that pay $30 an hour that you can reach without a degree. All you need is a collection that shows what you can do. So, you can start dealing with clients.

Subway And Streetcar Operators

Subway and streetcar operators have jobs paying $30 an hour or more. These positions usually require knowledge and certifications to ensure safe driving. But you can usually be ready for the position in as little as a few months.

og Walker

Working as a dog walker is a good choice if you’re looking for a more active job. It’s also a good choice if you love animals but don’t want to get a four-year degree to work with them. You have to be able to walk many dogs at the same time if you want to make a high hourly wage.

Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour That Need A Degree

Some jobs don’t require a university education. Yet, many jobs that pay well do require a degree. These jobs require a broad range of degrees. Most entry-level positions need a degree. As you advance in the workplace, you may need more advanced degrees.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers must have a degree for their job. They provide cities and regions with safe and public help. A civil engineer might help design bridges, utilities, and other important tasks. They can make different hourly payments in other markets.


Accountants can work in secret finance or business finance. Both choices earn high hourly pay. If you’re looking to make more money with a degree, working as an accountant is one of the best options. You’ll get the hourly pay you’re looking for.

Loan Officers

Loan officers are the people after credit loans. They look at the terms and figure out if someone is a good loan candidate.

This position offers good hourly pay anywhere. It is an in-demand job that gives you a lot of safety and strength to move wherever you want to live.

Food Scientists

Food scientists study and look at what goes into other food products. They use scientific methods to help create new recipes. Sometimes, they even look for new food additives and detergents. The job requires attention to detail, but it can be very rewarding.

Urban Planners

Urban planners work to make sure cities are useful and effective. They consider things like clarity, traffic needs, and other services. They want to make sure everything is well placed. For example, urban planners might help decide where to develop new educational skills.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists might not seem to earn high hourly pay. However, working as a dental hygienist can be a good way to earn money in the medical field.

They help keep people’s teeth clean. They obey doctors’ orders, assisting with dental practices. This career does take a few years of technical education, but the hourly pay is worth the extra work.

School Psychologists

School psychologists are an essential part of the health care system in schools. They specialize in helping students. The school can also confer on them for help with mental health. For designing the right lesson plans, they can confer them.


Sociologists use their spans to study and take a closer look at society. They might also work with politicians and other civil servants. It helps create more useful or effective systems in society. They get high hourly pay, but it depends on the site, education, and the type of study they focus on.


Architects design structures and help with internal design as well. They are an in-demand role for housing designers. Companies look for them to create clever new kinds of offices or retail areas.

The hourly pay as a maker plants to go up the more work you’ve done and the more well-known you become. Developers usually have to take a licensing exam before they can start working.

Education Directors

Education directors help manage the general role of a school. They also meet educational needs and oversee ethical and enrichment programs. Often teachers first, this is an admired but also high-pressure position.


Chemists often work in study, action, or proof roles. They use their chemistry knowledge to create new compounds. They also ensure that a product design meets policy.


Geographers use various methods to study the earth and have a wide range of other skills. But this is one job that may need refined degrees to control high hourly pay.

Arbiters and Mediators

Arbiters and mediators are experts who help fix conflicts. You can hire them to work in legal settings, interpersonal settings, or a broad range of other areas.

Training Managers

Training managers work in any company or in almost any position. For example, a sports manager might work with the sales team and sales director. They help make sure new hires are ready for their role.

Ship Engineers

Ship engineers work with sail lines, the navy, and naval shipping companies. They help design more useful and efficient naval technologies.

Technical Writers


Technical writers work to provide a broad range of materials and technical papers. But they might also work with a club’s trade team to deliver trade material. They might also help design clear training plans.

Post Secondary Education Administrators

This educational administrator focuses on the complexities of post-secondary and college education. If you want to get paid by the hour as an art, music, or drama teacher, your best bet is to work at a high school or college.

Post Secondary Education, Chemistry, Science, and STEM Instructors

In college and other post-secondary academic settings, STEM instructors get paid hourly. They care about their pay.

Numerous positions pay at least $30 per hour. You’re sure to find a job that works with your skills. You can work as a real estate agent or drive for food delivery services.



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